Every day inspired by light!

Observing the sunrise and sunset, the movements of light on the water and in the sky, Ingrid Roos designs and makes minimalist lamps, [light] art objects and [light] art installations balancing on the interface between art and design.

‘I am passionate about light. It is fascinating to see how the colors change overtime and how the light creates a certain atmosphere, walls calmly waits for the moment to reveal striking shadow patterns….These observations reminds me of the beauty and wonder of daylight and inspire me designing with light every day’.

_ Ingrid Roos

Studio visit!

You’re welcome to visit my studio and experience my designs. Give me a call, app or email to check if i’m in the Studio.

M. 06-14026818 | info@ingridroos.nl

DAYLIGHT is both a treat and a treatment that the sun sends us for free every day.